+COLLAGEN Miracle Boost Face Mask

+COLLAGEN Miracle Boost Face Mask


Our Collagen 2-Step Miracle Boost Sheet Masks are a revitalizing skin pick-me-up! These masks evenly cover the contours of your face infusing collagen, caffeine and cucumber deep within the skins surface. This combination helps to tighten, tone and reduce dark undertones creating a firmed, brightened, youthful complexion.


DIRECTIONS: Clean and dry face. Gently tear off needle and open. Twist off nozzle and inject miracle boost serum into your sheet mask. Press gently on the sachet to ensure that all liquid is submerged with the mask. Gently tear open the sachet, remove mask and unfold. Place mask on face and smooth out to ensure skin contact. Leave on for 15 minutes. Once complete, remove mask and rub in remaining liquid. Dispose of mask in trash receptacle (do not flush). Gentle enough for daily use on all skin types.


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